Pelorian Politics

From: David Cake (
Date: Thu 09 Oct 1997 - 01:26:04 EEST

Joerg said
>there are enough God Learner
> or Theyalan Council influences in Dara Happa to identify Reb. Term. with
> Storm.

and Andrew said

> Oh come on, the GLs didn't get to Peloria, we've been over that
>before. Blocked by the proto-Carmainians & EWF.

        Which comes back to the perennial argument about what exactly
consitutes a 'God Learner'. Identifying Rebellus Terminus with Orlanth (and
Yelm as The Evil Emperor), while 'God Learning' by some definitions,
happened in First Council days. By the late first age the Yelmic religion
had learnt a few more things about their neighbours.

>You can be sure the Carmanians didn't charge into the Dragon Pass wars to
>smash a Yelmic boogey man. Neither did the Blue Moon Plateau Trolls.

        Neither the Carmanians or the Blue Moon Trolls happen to rule the
Lunar Empire. The Lunars (and to a lesser extent the Dara Happans) do.
Sure, the various opinions of the various other factions within the Lunar
Empire are important, but not as important as the Emperor. The motivations

of the Tarshites are important - because they form the bulk of the army
that actually attacks Dragon Pass, and because without Moirades Dragon Pass
might have escaped Imperial attention for years - but the reasoning of the
Blue Moon Trolls, for example, doesn't really matter, because even if the
Blue Moon Trolls didn't want to invade Dragon Pass, the invasion would
still have happened (in contrast to the Emperor).




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