Trotsky on Broo Reproduction

From: Michael Cule (
Date: Wed 08 Oct 1997 - 00:46:27 EEST

> I'd rule that the 'mother' has to at least have the physical equipment to
>have offspring, so males and piles of broken glass are both out. Sterility of
>the mother *isn't* a problem, but she at least has to have a womb, egg-laying
>organs or whatever.

Well, in canonical Glorantha, males are specifically not ruled out. The
broo larva does not need a womb just somewhere to root and draw blood
and other nourishment from. I once had a group of players who were
infested with broo larvae and had to find the missing deity who could
both safely deliver the children and cleanse them of their chaos taint.
(Turned out to be Firshala from the original Griffin Mountain....)

They then had to find one of the tiny nests of non-chaotic broo to bring
the children up in. But that's another story.

And while nothing is totally impossible to Chaos I'd imagine the broken
glass broo is very much one of a kind.

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Michael Cule


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