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Date: Wed 08 Oct 1997 - 15:31:44 EEST

> Shargash=Vadrus is untrue. Vadrus, like Genert, is gone. Not
> dead (like Basmol, who can still be contacted), _gone_. He was
> destroyed during the Greater Darkness.

Martin Laurie:
> So say the Orlanthi. You're assuming that their view is entirely
> accurate ....<long snip>... Your comment on Basmol being dead but
> still worshipped while Vadrus is GONE is an interesting one but
> highlights quite clearly for me the problems of taking cult descrip-
> tions at face value.

        Actually no. This is from the GC IV Lore Auction, where people
were asking the questions like, "What's the difference between dead gods

and gods that are gone?" and "What does it take to ressurect Genert?"

> You can't just pick and chose. Cultural bias, views and predelictions
> tend to stop this kind of thing.

        Of course you can! That's what Lunar balance is all about.
Tell a carmanian that he has a cultural bias against Storm and he'll
tell you that they worship Valind as one of the One Hundred Gods, and
it's a pity that Dara Happans view him as an enemy. Not the Lunars,
mind you, the Dara Happans. The Pelandans and Naverians don't care one
way or the other. Talastar, Saird, blah, blah, blah.....

        If someone were to tell me that the Lunars tend not to use
Air/Storm powers as they have other powers that are easier to access, I
could go with it. But the Dara Hapan population is only about 30% of
the Empire; a significant fraction, but not overwhelming. Stop being
so 'Yelm-o-centric'.


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