Re: Loskalmi Justice; Rape/Broo; etc.

From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Wed 08 Oct 1997 - 17:02:50 EEST

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Frank and Sergio write:

>> (Frank's) system seems designed with the Loskalmi citizen in mind. =

>> What about foreigners?

> This is a good question. But I belive banishment would be appropriate.

Of course, during the Syndics Ban this would have been a death sentence.
Was this your intention?

Steve B writes:

> The only Broo =3D Rape connection comes from Orlanthi myth.

And from the nature, biology, society, psychology, observed behaviour,
myths and history of the race of Broos. Other than that...

Carl F writes:

> If a culture requires everyone (as opposed to their leaders) to kill
> an enemy before marrying, and they aren't really tiny, they become
> extinct pretty quickly. Think about it.

Of course, a Pentan would *never* think of another Pentan as enemy...
'Counting coup' is probably appropriate, too: non-fatal "killings".

David W retells a good story, and asks:

> (Was this the inspiration for or genesis of Beat-Pot, BTW?)

Chuck in a few more: Napoleon's armies marching on their stomachs, and
the Turkish Janissary corps who used a cookpot as their standard...?

Lee Insley:

"Tarsh War" (a freeform book from the Reaching Moon Megacorp) includes
descriptions of Tarshite troop types and tactics, plus illustrations,
lots of details on how the Lunar army works (or doesn't), etc.

Andrew J:

Maybe the Lunars *can* get Sylphs from Molanni/Entekos or others (NOT
the Young Elementals), but can't use them for any violent (or similarly
useful) purpose... :-)

> A lot of people are commenting abut the YE/New Creation getting
> interrupted before Storm came along. Could someone please relate
> what heppened?

Time started. History began.



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