Re: More changes to magic system

Date: Wed 08 Oct 1997 - 21:01:13 EEST

David Miller:
 <<I've been giving some thought about removing the spirit magic system from
>From a referee's point of view it greatly reduces the power levels of
 experienced PC's, who tend to have lots of power crystals and magic spirits
 fuel their bladesharp 5 and heal 6 spells (thus eliminating any need to
 expend your own magic points). Dropping spirit magic almost immediately
 removes the need for so much magical equipment and reduces the amount of POW
 gains PC's with "disruption" and the like get. Shamans could just use the
 rules for Daka-Fal priests. >>

    Speaking personally, taking away spirit magic and making most PCs
magic-less (bar the occaisional one-use divine spell) until they reach rune
level, takes away one of the main things that's interesting about Glorantha.
But I guess if you and your players are happy with it, why not? You would
have to make alterations to divine spells like 'Heal Chaos Wound', though.

Forward the glorious Red Army!


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