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Date: Wed 08 Oct 1997 - 21:01:23 EEST

<< Me:
> I'd rule that the 'mother' has to at least have the physical equipment
> to have offspring, so males and piles of broken glass are both out.
> Sterility of the mother *isn't* a problem, but she at least has to have
> a womb, egg-laying organs or whatever.
 James Turner:
<<But this rules out a chest burster scene a la Alien, which is just how I
see a broo birth.>>

    I didn't specify how they got out of the mother's womb... But IMG their
early gestation is in the relevant place. Admittedly this would rule out a
chest-burster for oviparous organisms, such as ducks.

<< Besides I want male PCs to be as frightened of capture by broos as they
are of getting a disease.>>

    Broo are pretty sex-starved, and don't just care about procreation IMO.
So male PCs are still going to get sodomised, which should worry them enough,
knowing most players. Even if the thought of being tortured to death (as they
will be) isn't frightening!

Philip Hibbs:
<<You are making Broos in your campaign very different from the 'official'
Glorantha, but that's your choice as ref.>>

    I did say 'I'd rule that...', not 'it is a Gloranthan truth that...'

<<Of course, it would be only the most profoundly fertile broo that could
pull this off, and maybe 85% of broos can only breed with females.>>

    Actually, I would agree that a small number of broo have some kind of
magical ability that lets them do this. Probably less than 15% IMG, but
that's just me.

Forward the glorious Red Army!



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