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 Madamx (whoever that is) wrote:

> Muriah, I assumed, was immune to the infection. Perhaps
> thru her Malia connections, (another reason for broo to
> worship Malia?? The less powerful/devout worshippers are
> succeptible to the infection & so suffer broobirth.)

 I thought that Muriah was so tough, that no broo could
 have raped her. And besides, if she ever was raped,
 she would have been killed as well. The brookin needs
 to procreate, but with their ability they really do not
 need to support the pregnant one at the cost of their
 lifes. And I think, that broo sperm is a lot like some
 insects do lay eggs on wounds of other insects, while
 they are still alive. No viruses, just somekind of
 DNA-grabber, who becomes more like you the more it
 destroys of you (like the goat-shaped broo).

 It was written that broos hate Muriah for her infertility,
 but I ignore that sentence. Broos hate their leaders, and
 are afraid of them. And they would not know of Muriah's

 Sergio Mascarenhas wrote:

> My basic point is that magic is part of the fabric of Glorantha. It is
> natural to this universe. From where steems magic? IMO, from the forces of
> life. There is one life, not two. POW and CON are two ways of dealing with

 I think that whole theory sucks because of the above suggestion.
 Body and spirit are separate. How shamans go to the spirit plane?
 Does good willpower give you a better damagemodifier? No, really,
 there exist two separate parts for almost anyone in Glorantha:
 body and spirit. The body can be changed (by possession, for example.)
 Spirit can be destroyed, while the body remains untouched. And body does
 not go to the Happy Hunting Grounds. This idea would ruin the whole idea
 of shamanism, and otherworld. In my not very humble opinion, that is.

> the same reality. They should be combined. In fact, the word I prefer is
> not CONstitution or POWer but VITality (obviously from 'vita', 'life). IMO
> this is the stat that shoud exist.

 Hey, a fragile old sorcerer might get a few MP's by sacrificing
 hitpoints or more MP's by giving up permanent CON, STR or whatever.
 Or a young sorcerer might, too, but he is old very soon then.
 It is like tapping yourself, but this would not be chaotic, it just
 would be like turning the lighters flame so hot that the lighter
 would melt. I do not know how to say this better, it is like
 burning yourself up with too much magic. And some kind of spells
 (like familiar-creation spells) might need a few hitpoints and
 a point of statistics. (BTW: I rule that familiar-creation needs
 just a lot of POW, maybe double the amount of RQ3 other statistic
 loss. This might be a good addition.) Both ways have their uses,
 but I think it is Godlearnerish to have just one level of
 existence (body+spirit). Philip Hibbs had a good commenton this,
 and a lot shorter one, too. I think he was right.

 David Miller wrote about Magic:

> >From a glorantha point of view the magic of the world is not diminished,
> people will still curse their enemies and bless their arrows to hit the mark.
> It is just that luck in the die rolls to hit will judge if the "spell" worked

 That is a good point. Spirit magic is the way to muchkinism. But I
 would not remove the whole concept, as it often has immediate
 effects (like Ignite, and Extinguish) that are not made by dice rolls.
 I might want to use some way of limiting the point level on a spell,
 for initiates of a connected rune it might be five points, to others
 it might be three points. Or something like that.

 The God of Hellfire. You can call me Passo.


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