From: Pasanen Panu (
Date: Thu 09 Oct 1997 - 14:20:52 EEST

> must keep track of "real CON" and "sacrificed CON" in order to
> maintain balance. Just like POW vs MPs.

 But the limit of divine points you could ever have would be
 your CON. This is still silly.
> base value of 0 (zero). In other words, we have _no_ magical strength
> or ability when we are born. Left in the wild, we would grow up

 Yeah, right. Argin Terror propably just rolled well, then?
 And being born to Orlanth and Red Goddess is no different regarding
 your starting magical abilities to borning to a hare. Har - har.
 This system sucks. Gloranthans are born as magical beings, and have
 spirit and soul from the start. Even if they are not initiated
 (nor baptized.) If they have spirit, they can do magic. Hey,
 priests son might even be able to use his fathers/mothers divine
 intervention when he/she is in trouble!

> non-zero CHS stat from birth! A Lunar would learn to use CHS, DIV, SPR
> (maybe), and probably PRE too. Another very powerful combination.

 Very few lunars mess with chaos. A top-ranking mage would surely, but
 not many others.

 The God of Hellfire. You can call me Passo.


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