Just a few thoughts on Magic

From: N.J. EFFINGHAM (ENG7NJE@arts-01.novell.leeds.ac.uk)
Date: Thu 09 Oct 1997 - 18:38:35 EEST

There are some really excellent ideas about a new magic system being
flung around at the moment - although I myself wouldn't be too quick
to change the existing system (except for sorcery - bleurgh! - use
Sandy's version, it's far better) as it seems to work in the main, I
have always had one or two ideas I think might be worth sharing.

The idea of seperate stats, such as PRE, DRA etc.. is interesting -
but how would it work in practice? Wouldn't it make the magic systems
very similar, but using a different stat - in the old system,

sorcery, Dragon magic and spirit/divine magic were all noticeably
different. Notice that I consider Spirit Magic to be justa low level
version of Divine Magic as it is written at the moment. I find
shamans in RQIII hideously underpowered, having only spirit magic at
their disposal. If *I* were to rewrite the magic system, then I would
model it on Mage: The Ascension, a system that gives you freedom, and
eliminates spell lists. For an idea of how this would work, I would
suggest looking at Steve Maurer's HeroQuest system, whose Hero Magic
rules are very intriguing and with a little alteration would be
workable as a replacement for the Rune Magic system IMHO. Another
example would be the way magic works in Nick Eden's Moon Wars
system. Does anyone else think this would work??

As for Fatigue being the main factor in magic, I think this is
workable, and also close to what Greg currently thinks of magic (based
on a post by Stephen Martin a while back - although Greg is
notoriously changeable so I wouldn't bank on it). However, replacing
POW with STR, SIZ, CON or VIT is silly - maybe not in Gloranthan
terms (although I doubt Zzabur is a Sumo wrestler) but in game terms.
Imagine the poor sod who rolls low on one of his stats and is
therefore crap at fighting, general physical activity and now is bad
at magic.

As a note, if I were using the Personality Traits system, then I
would replace casting chance with the relevant rating in the emotion
related to the spell. Frex, rather than the chance to cast Disrupt
being POWx5, I'd make it your rating in Hate (or other relevant
passion). Does anyone already use this???

Nikk E.

Nikk Effingham

     "If absolute power corrupts absolutely
           Where does that leave God?"
                            -- George Daacon


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