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I said:
>> The barbarians are not storm? Come on, Pam, there are enough God Learner
>> or Theyalan Council influences in Dara Happa to identify Reb. Term. with
>> Storm.

and Andrew Joelson took exception:
> Oh come on, the GLs didn't get to Peloria, we've been over that
>before. Blocked by the proto-Carmainians & EWF.

They didn't meddle in Peloria (except, maybe, for the Goddess Switch?), but
surely their confirmation of the Theyalan Unified Deity Theory helped
solidify the Orlanth-Reb.Term.-identification.

> As for Thelayan Council influence, that has stronger possibilities.
>The problem is that you are concentrating too much on anal-retentive Yelmies.

The reason being, they are the officials in charge of the Lunar Court in
Glamour. The Red Emperor is a Dara Happan-style emperor, after all, with
much the same courtiers as his precedessors.

>You can be sure the Carmanians didn't charge into the Dragon Pass wars to
>smash a Yelmic boogey man.

And lo! they didn't. The presence of the Queens Regiment and the Spell
Archers in the Dragon Pass boardgame (the only units with known Carmanian
affiliation) doesn't tell us much about their involvement, since they came
after the dragon feast of 1625. (Otherwise, they would have been eaten.)

>Neither did the Blue Moon Plateau Trolls.

True, again. They played no role in the assault on Boldhome in 1602, or
earlier (Runegate, Wilmskirk). Neither the Blue Moon trolls nor the Western
Army were part of Fazzur's forces in 1613 - they were mostly his own
household troops, trained without much imperial attention. Only for his
1619-1622 campaigns did Fazzur require the support of the Lunar College of
Magic and Heartland troops. These were granted to smash the last outpost of
Rebellus Terminus, not to conquer the Holy Country (which was impossible, as
Euglyptus had "proved" in 1605...)

>All this guff about smashing Rebellus Terminous is just pushing the buttons
>for the Dara Happans; makes 'em want to go along with the others who want to;

>a) smash their neighbors (Tarsh)

The plan is rather greater. Jeff Richard summarized it nicely...

>b) pillage their ancestral enemies (Vanch & Saird)

the trolls? Alkoth? Tarsh? The Manirian Orlanthi have been out of the
picture for ages, and rarely figured as main enemies. Last times I can
recall were a) the Orlanthi civil war during the God Project and b) the
expansion of the EWF, although I have become convinced that the Sun Dome
Templars may have been instrumental for this expansion, at least in the
early phase.

>c) make contact with Dagori Inkarth (BMP trolls)

Long established by Bina Bang. Her son Pikat Yaraboom is an adult leader by
1614 (when he nibbles a bit of Griselda's cushions).

>d) open up trade routes to the sea (Carmania and lots of others)

Why Carmania? Again, the Yelmies of Dara Happa are the most likely takers
for exotic articles.


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