Making magic more magic-like

From: Pasanen Panu (
Date: Fri 10 Oct 1997 - 09:40:56 EEST

> IMO RQ's spirit magic system is excessively tidy to be useful in Glorantha.
> It is excessively standardized. Compare it with sorcery: sorcery is the

 True enough! I feel, that people would not trust spirit magic as much(
 as PC's do: recasting failed spells to get the effect at any cost,
 because they _know_ exactly how sorely they need bladesharp. Using
 spirit magic should not be a casual thing. It is more like a
 blessing, that is not asked routinely but in dire need. Not for
 a threatening neighbours, but for Crusade and fight against hated foe.

> - - The 'Mighty sword of Khan Z' lasts for 2d6 minutes. 'Arkat?s powerful
> blow at Whitewall door' is instant: you do it for a blow.

 Never tell 'em, what the spells do. That prevents any and all munckinism
 for sure, I even know a player who did a pre-battle spirit magic
 casting plan for minimized SR's, maximum hit %tiles, and maximum damage!
 Just say the spells name, if they manage to find one, and let 'em
 figure it out, if they ever can.

> members. You know you know it when in a fight you feel the inspiration of
> the 'Mighty sword of Khan Z' and actually use-it. The same is true of the

 Hey, hey. They have a shaman, too. There should be a mambo-jambo part,
 where the shaman actually makes the spell available to the warrior

> and richness of a world like Glorantha. A Glorantha specific game system
> should not be limited by the kind of constrains you find in a generic game
> system.

 Right. This message should be delivered to any and all coming designers
 of Glorantha: the Game. I must say, that your spirit magic ideas are
 great, but why would a warrior tire himself (spend VIT or VP's) for
 magic during a fierce battle? This makes any battle magic ridiculous:
 the mighty runelord glowing with blessings is panting on his knees,
 while his initiates beat the enemy up!

 The God of Hellfire. You can call me Passo.


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