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Date: Fri 10 Oct 1997 - 17:12:06 EEST

Nikk Effingham:
> ... Another example would be the way magic works in Nick Eden's
> Moon Wars system. Does anyone else think this would work??

        I looked at Moon Wars, but the more I thought about the way
it runs magic, the less I liked it. One of the big problems is that
in the Star Wars system, every action you take (above one) costs you
a d6.
        Example: Random rebel agent starts shooting at a pair of
Stormtroopers. He has 6d6 of blaster, so he can shoot once, roll all
six dice, add them up and see if he rolled high enough to hit his target.
Or he can shoot twice, for 5d6 on each shot. Or he can shoot twice and
try to dodge incoming fire, which would reduce the blaster shots to 4d6
        The problem is that in Moon Wars, setting up a Bladesharp is
an action, just like 'swing sword' or dodge. Sustaining the spell
also counts as an action! Casting a Bladesharp to get an extra d6
to hit costs a d6 due to the extra action.... You have to roll enough
Bladesharp to get 2d6 out of the spell before it's worthwhile, _and_
it will still hurt your dodge.
        The solution to this in Star Wars is that PCs start with 50%
more d6; so they can afford multiple actions when compared to stock
NPCs. It's assumed that you do this in Moon Wars, but this means that
starting characters are markedly superior to those around them....
Fine in SW, were PCs are supposed to be heroic. But in Glorantha?

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