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From: Sandy Petersen (
Date: Fri 10 Oct 1997 - 21:28:28 EEST

>fatigue rules in RQ stink. That doesn't mean we don't need some
fatigue rules, it only means we need better - >and playable - fatigue
                For what it's worth, here are the fatigue rules I use in
my campaign.
                Fatigue is figured as per the RQ rules (i.e., STR+CON
minus ENC). Each time a character rolls 96+ in combat, his fatigue level
is dropped by 10. If it is still 0 or higher, nothing bad happens. If it
drops to -1 or less he loses -10 off all his skills. He loses another
- -10 for every ten pts below -1; hence,-11 to -20 costs -20 off all his
skills, and so forth. Note that even if your fatigue starts out
negative, you suffer no skill losses until you've rolled that 96+.
                Example: an armored hoplite (fatigue -4) is fighting a
naked Telmori (fatigue 19). Neither suffer from any minuses from
fatigue. Both roll 96+ in a single round. The hoplite's fatigue drops
from -4 to -14, and he now has -20 off all his skills. T he Telmori's
fatigue drops from 19 to 9, and he suffers no penalty at all. When the
Telmori rolls another 96+, he'll drop to -1 and lose -10 off all skills.
It al
                This explanation may or may not sound complex but in
play it's very simple to apply. It also encourages players not to
encumber themselves too heavily with armor, which is after all the
underlying intent of any fatigue rule. It also permits the various
fatigue-oriented spells to retain a purpose in existence.


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