More rambling on magic.

From: Clark, Daren (
Date: Fri 10 Oct 1997 - 17:14:41 EEST

- -..Something along the lines of being born with an intrinsic magical
ability. In its raw state this could be used to resist the effects of

Of course then you have the problem of what the potential magical ability is
used to resist against. Obviously the resistance tables as they stand now
would be useless if for example;

Jake (Potential ability 15 of which 2 points have been converted through
devotion) casts his disruption at the creature (Potential ability 18). As it
stands difference equals 16, why bother.

Instead each spell could be given a Potential ability score. This would also
allow for greater variation between tribal versions of spells, etc. In the
case of sorcery the intensity skill could increase this score.


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