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Date: Fri 10 Oct 1997 - 16:27:00 EEST

Philip Hibbs;
Without wanting to agree or disagree without further consideration, how
about calling it Zeal?....

Thanks Philip, that was just the kick start that I need. Devotion,
dedication, piety, faithfulness, they all come back to me now, but yesterday
I sat in front of the screen and couldn't think of an appropriate word. Do
you ever get days like that?

Michael Morrison;
>In other words, we have _no_ magical strength
>or ability when we are born. Left in the wild, we would grow up
>without magic.

David Cake;
And in Glorantha, this is not the case - beings have an intrinsic
non-zero ability to resist magic.

Which would seem to preclude the possibility that you can be
magically intrinsically tough without studying a particular tradition.

Which I'm pretty unsure about - it certainly seems that in Glorantha some
people are just naturally more magically powerful than others, and its
certainly the case that some beings that are stupid enough to never learn
any magic are extremely resistant, while others are vulnerable.

I tend to agree at least in part with you here David, but still like
Michaels' ideas. Perhaps there is some way that the two can be combined.
Something along the lines of being born with an intrinsic magical ability.
In its raw state this could be used to resist the effects of magic. However,
only through devotion can its full potential be realised and it be used to
cast magics. A lower level of devotion would free less of this potential and
allow low level (traditional/community/whatever you call it) magic to be
used, etc.


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