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Date: Fri 10 Oct 1997 - 20:31:39 EEST

David Cake:
>Martin Laurie said (after removal of the =3D plague)

The bane of my emailing existence with this digest though it affects litt=

>>Just because a Praxian knows that Genert is GONe doesn't mean that
>>he actually existed in the first place. His lack of existance as
>>other than a myth to explain the horrible terrain in Prax is seems far
>>more likely to me than this big giantish guy getting killed by chaos

> Which would tend to beg the question of where those lumps of dead=

>Genert that are discovered from time to time come from. I think you are
>drawing a long bow on the 'Genert is just a story' idea.

Well according to the praxians Hyenas are bits of Genert which tends to
me think that their opinions are somewhat subjective on the subject. "Oh =
found =

a sixty foot long fleshy thing burrowing through a serpent. It must be
Generts long lost penis! Hoorah!" I'd be interested to hear what other
"bits" they've found.

>>Er... Lunars don't dislike Valind?

> I'm with you Martin. Lunars acknowledge Valinds existence, but th=
>doesn't mean in general they like him. Suppression of the power of Valin=
>via the Kallikos quest is a great Lunar project, after all, can't imagin=
>anyone that tries to strengthen Valind being too popular.

100% agreed. The whole Kalikos thing tends to make one think that
worshipping Valind would be the Lunar equivalent of openly worshipping
Satan in 17th century New England.....

>> Who are the Lunars anyway? Are they
>>some specialised group that lives in a special place or are they people=

>>every part of the Empire with their own biases based on culture and

> Actually, the Red Goddess cult probably are very much in agreemen=
>on matters of doctrine (due to the efforts of the Examiners to maintain
>orthodoxy), and probably are just about everywhere. But they are such a
>tiny minority they don't make a whole lot of difference (and the non-Red=

>Goddess Lunars probably don't understand what the Red Goddess ones are o=
>about, with their blathering about Gerra and Natha and Veritherusa).

The Red Goddes cult also has the continuing purpose of maintaining the Gl=
Line to keep it centralised and true to doctrine. The other lunar cults
are usually joined by people as a means of social advancement and religio=
transcendance and are thus far more varied in their internal structure th=
the more Glamour/Moon based cults. I imagine a Tarnils warrior in Peland=
is going to be very different and probably hostile to a First Blessed
warrior of the same cult. Lots of MGF possibilities there methinks.

Imagine how a Lunar from Alkoth gets on with everyone in Glamour?...

Martin Laurie


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