Let's tire 'em with talk about Magic so they go and play AD&D

From: Pasanen Panu (passo@students.cc.tut.fi)
Date: Sat 11 Oct 1997 - 14:48:17 EEST

 Sergio Mascarenhas:

> 2. Collective Magic. This is something I didn't describe before. The
> << Whether it's adding VIT, PRE, DIV, ETC to the game, I'm always leary of
> new stats. I think that there are probably already too many, and if a new
> system does come out, it will probably have far fewer. >>

> I could not agree more with Rick.

 POW works just fine. If you like, have CON and POW have same values or
 different values, or spells cost fatigue, but nothing you have thusfar
 suggested really benefits from use of VIT. It would just need making
 of new rules to be worshipped. All these things can and has been done
 with old, trusty POW and CON, and I will go on that way. No more.

> relation between body and spirit should be more clear and precise. VITality
> is the stat that makes the transiction.

 Yeah, another stat was all we need. Look at your comment above.

 Olof Nergard:

> What gifts do the gods require to perform the acts the characters
> want? Do the hero powers come as knowledge or as a mystical ability?

 Knowledge hints a bit at God Learnerism, but there are secret paths,
 like those Arkat used. Mystical ability sounds more usual Gloranthan

 thing, at least to a follower of the gods. Sorcerer heropowers would
 be knowledge-oriented, IMO.

 Sergio again:

> on fighters using healing spells: the fighter used his heal 6; does he
> think ' wow, I'm back in business again'? Not a chance, he got realy tired,
> better take a rest. Wait! The damn' lunars are comming back again and he
> cann't even raise his sword! Better have an healr nearby the next time

 This idea is quite good, and can be done with old stuff as well.
 We need no...

> A shaman's fetch. RQ presents the rules and maybe you would say that's
> enough, we don't need more rules about the fetch. According to the rules
> everybody has a fetch, only that most people doesn't awaken his fetch.

 Yep, that's what it takes for being a shaman. Fetch does not need to
 be part of you, it might be a spirit helper, totally outside yourself.
 Even if the _rules_ said otherwise. RW shamanism promotes this view.

> (the way you play a priest or a sorceror would be completely different if
> you had to account for the part of you that stays in the spirit plane). Why
> don't we question ourselves about it? Because the RQ RULES don't allow for

 No. Priest is not a shaman, he does not wander on spirit plane. Sorceror
 is not a shaman, he does not wander on spirit plane. Silly suggestions.
 If a priest is also a shaman, she'd better have a fetch. Otherwise, it
 can't be had. Realise why shaman's mind is called to be expanded?

> You forgot the second golden rule:
> If the lack of rules get in the way of having fun, create the rules.

 Third golden rule: If you have nothing else to do, make some new

 Mostali cyberware: It just occurred to me, that some Diamond mostali
 might have sacrificed parts of their own machinery for benefit of
 more efficient machinery. As their hands already can shape shift,
 why would a stone mostali have a pair of very efficient power lifter
 legs? It can be done, with science and magic. Feel free to look

 at the computer game Chaos Engine for more inspiration...

 Panu Pasanen, as lovely as always.


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