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Date: Sat 11 Oct 1997 - 23:10:27 EEST

To All:

I have always had the impression that broo can mate with any organism,
male or female, etc. Now, plants are much harder, probably because there
aren't enough nutrients in them for a carnivorous creature to survive the
incubation period.

The reasoning behind this is that most if not all of the basis of the new
broo comes from the broo father (or mother, in the case of female broo).
Now, a female broo would need a male father, true. But a fetal broo
developing inside a male host would simply not absorb any genetic
material from its "mother", and so would be more like its father broo
than its host. This could explain why some broo inherit the features of
their host and some don't seem to -- those in female hosts absorb some of
its genetic traits, because it is a true mating; those in male hosts rely
solely upon the genetic material of the father, supplemented by the
actions of chaos, of course.

New Topic

It has been suggested a number of times in the literature (and stated
explicitly once) that Yelm = Death to the trolls.

I personally believe this. However, what does this tell us about troll
gods who have some distinct relationship to the powers of Fire and Light,
which equal death to the trolls? Such deities include:

Zorak Zoran (of course) and his slave, Amanstan

Argan Argar and his slave, <Lodril>

Gadblad the Smith

the Blue Moon Goddess, possibly a child of Yelm, certainly a light
goddess of some kind.

the Black Sun

Gbaji: the New Death?

Finally, who is Yelmalio to the trolls -- "the Little Death"? Just some
former fire god? Is Amanstan really Yelmalio, or part of him?

Any and all suggestions, ideas, and comments are solicited.

Stephen Martin
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