From: Pasanen Panu (passo@students.cc.tut.fi)
Date: Sun 12 Oct 1997 - 03:10:37 EEST


> why would a stone mostali have a pair of very efficient power lifter
> legs? It can be done, with science and magic. Feel free to look

 I meant to say, why would it not want to have those nifty power-legs.
 And a iron mostali could have a hammer-hand, with steam-powered
 hits it could _nail_ the opponents down. It's efficient, it's mostali.

 Luc Lavergne:

> new forms of magic. Just take Lunar magic, which is based on a mix of
> sorcery and spirit magic, but which looks just like a mix of those two
> and not a school of magic of its own.

 True. IMO, lunar magic should have something to do with the caster's
 illumination, and it's effects should also hit the brains.. we do not

 want another bleedin' bladesharp, we already have two!

> I suggest that we make just two systems : the Effect System and the
> Power System. So, we could have a list of the effects possibly made by

 Good idea, again. And the categories would have different power levels...
 That would make specialization much more sound option. There has to
 be some cantrips, still, for spells like Light and Ignite.

> Also, shouldn't we first talk about which characteristics would make
> the next system ? Are they gonna be the same, will they be on the same
> range, how sould they relate to skills ? These are all preliminary

 Let's use the good old POW to be one, and caster skills can drop
 the amount of MP's needed. On the other hand, we could have levels
 to the mages... and spells activated with xp! (Teehee, silly me...=)

> questions to be answered before going any further in creating
> mathematic rules for the next system.

 Shame, if these good ideas are wasted, since there is no creator
 for future Gloranthan system in sight.. someone Very Important
 Person ought to save these, and give to that lucky game designer.

 The God of Hellfire. You can call me Passo.


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