Barntar and Heroquesting

From: Jeff Richard (
Date: Sun 12 Oct 1997 - 09:13:27 EEST

Frederic Ferro, in the on-going discussion about a new rules system, wrote:
>If the new rules are more adapted to Heroquest, they should have
>to be more heroic, won't they? I don't see anything wrong in
>allowing PCs to be superior to the average Barntar initiate
>(if they are not infantile "munchkins").

First off, I wish to loudly state that I pity the poor adventuring fool who
mocks Barntar. Good way to get killed by folk like Boranthos Ring-Giver
(or is that King-Kin Slayer) or Illig Steadburner. Even better way to
starve. Second, the heroic flavor of a campaign is not based on the rules
system or the inflated statistics of PCs. It is determined by the style
and tempo of the campaign. The "average man" can be just as "heroic" as
Onslaught - if that is the style of the campaign.

Finally, as for heroquesting - I want to warn y'all, heroquesting is not
Super Runequest or Conan the Barbarian material. It is a magical

"re-enactment of a divine or heroic act. If done properly, the ceremony
would reproduce the effects of the original action. In this way successful
actions were remembered, reproduced, and refined." A rules system should
enable this to be reproduced by the players - but at the core is still the
re-enactment of a divine/heroic act, or, in the case of the truly
adventurous, a cosmological Gloranthan truth.



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