Dwarfs, and mermen, into the dark

From: Jose Ramos (cristnav@arrakis.es)
Date: Sun 12 Oct 1997 - 20:40:52 EEST

        Panu Pasanen proposes cyberdwarfs. That was already discussed in the Digest (Erik Sieurin, where are you?), and there was a rift concerning the use of machines or sorcerous help to enhance a dwarf's abilities.

        Some people (me included) think that in established dwarven strongholds they have all the technomagical nightmare (including artificial eyes, nilmerg autoloaders, microsalamander lighters, electricity, the steam engine, etc.). Don't forget the unreliability factor, the worst consequence of the Gods War.

        Others preferred however a higher magical and less technological content, as magic is just another tool for the dwarfs.


I have found (without searching) a reference to rape in the orlanthi context that rape is not necessarily chaotic: the origin of the mermen, some of them arising from rape of nymphs by the storm gods.

This myth, that I fear is godlearner in origin (how many mermen in the Barbarian Belt?) however agrees that rape is evil, as the mermen with that origin are enemies of mankind.


>It has been suggested a number of times in the literature (and stated
>explicitly once) that Yelm = Death to the trolls.

>Argan Argar and his slave, <Lodril>
>Gadblad the Smith

This two use heat, not light, or fire, and although using bad magic, it is not death magic.

>the Black Sun

A fool that wants to become Death.

>Gbaji: the New Death?

Clearly a son, friend or part of Yelm. Too much light.

>Finally, who is Yelmalio to the trolls -- "the Little Death"? Just some
>former fire god? Is Amanstan really Yelmalio, or part of him?

Yelmalio is a fire god victimised by ZZ. In most myths I expect Amanstan was a tool or servant of Yelmalio, lost in battle.




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