Re: Making magic more magic-like

From: Robert McArthur (
Date: Mon 13 Oct 1997 - 13:42:26 EEST

> True enough! I feel, that people would not trust spirit magic as much(
> as PC's do: recasting failed spells to get the effect at any cost,
> because they _know_ exactly how sorely they need bladesharp. Using
> spirit magic should not be a casual thing. It is more like a
> blessing, that is not asked routinely but in dire need. Not for
> a threatening neighbours, but for Crusade and fight against hated foe.

Hmm, not in my Glorantha. I know GS has said that RQ has more magic in it for
characters than he envisages (if I have understood it correctly), but I'll have
to differ here. If Glorantha is everyones to develop further (as GS has stated)
then mine will always be magic rich - I've no interest in a low-magic
Glorantha. Any Gloranthan mechanics which try to assume it or force it will
just make me back away from them. Lets have the mechanics separate from the
use of the mechanics. Define how spirit magic works for those who want that
sort of game and knowledge, but leave how much of it is available to the
individual GM. Those who want to play at the level of characters not knowing
the effects can easily do so - rename the spells or hide your rule book!

high-magic != munchkinism



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