What I dislike about magic

From: Thomas Gottschall (Bloodtooth@gmx.net)
Date: Mon 13 Oct 1997 - 13:27:22 EEST

Hi everyone,

Luc Lavergne on the magic discussion :

Is Alan LaVergne your brother ?

> i would like digesters to put on the
> digest what they particularly dislike about the current magic system
> so that a new system could be structured with these critics in mind.

Now that you asked...What I dislike is spirit magic (I don't care for
sorcery and I have found a solution for Divine M.).
It seems to me that spirit magic is not Gloranthan enough and easy to
abuse. I don't like the mechanic how spirit magic is tought (defeating a
spirit). Perhaps this is not a problem of RQ itself but I would like a
restriction to what power level someone can get a spell (I don't like
every Orlanthi running around with Bladesharp 5 and Heal 6). I would
like an official pricelists for magical items (MP storage and spell
matrices). I would like a mechanic that prevents players from casting
spells on and on with bound spirits and stored MP. I don't like that
people cast a spell anew when they failed first and I want a good
explanation why this shouldn't be possible. And then I would like spirit
magic like Greg saw it some time ago, a lot of help but it doesn't work
for sure and the most people have only some spells which are good for
things they usually do (which is not adventuring or slaying monsters). I
would also love to get rid of the spirit magic spell list that is
universal for Glorantha. I would love a system where spirit magic is
created by the community and its needs making it unique and different
from others.
   Sadly, I have no idea how to realize that and make a nice, fast
system of it with almost no work for the GM and players.

> Also, shouldn't we first talk about which characteristics would make
> the next system ?

I would love to having experimented with different characteristics
myself but I feel that this is not really the place to do it (like the
compass discussion). So I would prefer to do it using private mail
unless no digest member objects.
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bye, Thomas

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