RE: Mostali

From: Sandy Petersen (
Date: Mon 13 Oct 1997 - 19:12:51 EEST

        One way of looking at the dwarfs & mostali vis-=E0-vis humanity is
that dwarfs are specialists, while humans are generalists. Most human
tools, for instance, are useful for more than one purpose. Most humans
can do more than one thing, as well. In fact, humans commonly wear more
than one hat - a typical Orlanthi barbarian is a father, a husband, a
farmer, a loyal vassal, a stalwart of his clan, a warrior, an initiate
of the Storm King, etc. etc. Humans put on different masks according to
what they are doing and whom they speak with. No wonder we're never =
who we really are, and why our identity matters so much to us. And why
loss of identity is such a threat, since it's so precarious to begin

                Dwarfs do not have this problem. A dwarf is one thing,
and one thing only. He has no question of his identity - he is part of
the Machine. He does not have doubts, uncertainties, loss of faith. He
doesn't wonder about the nature of reality.=20
                Dwarfs do not try to do things the most efficient way -
they try to do things the best way. They are perfectionists. A dwarf
crossbow is well-made, but do they really need all that scrollwork on
the trigger release? Carefully-carved ribbing on the quarrel shaft?
Fletching that pops out of the shaft after the quarrel is released? =
patterns on the bowcord? One things dwarfs are NOT into is mass
production (in most cases - there are notable exceptions). The famed
Nidan musket-and-pike regiment really does have muskets, but every
single musket is of a different calibre, manufactured by its bearer to
his own specifications, with different length barrels, and his or her
own improvements.=20


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