Of Heroes and Magic (again)

From: Frederic Ferro (ferro@clipper.ens.fr)
Date: Mon 13 Oct 1997 - 18:44:38 EEST

Jeff Richards wrote:
First, that one should not disdain Barntar and that He has some
potent friends who could make you repent for any hasty and haughty words...

I apologize to all the Church of Barntar, Voriof and Erlanda if
I fumbled my Write-English roll (i get used to it).
I suppose I misused the word "superior".
I did not say that the PCs should be "supercilious or scornful"
to Our Lord Barntar, only that I could
imagine some funny games where PCs would have some capacities and
maybe social status the bulk of the Barntar initiates (unfortunately)
don't have.
Your MGF may vary, I must stress that.

> Second, the heroic flavor of a campaign is not based on the rules
> system or the inflated statistics of PCs. It is determined by the style
> and tempo of the campaign.

Yes. You don't need specific "Harrek-Generators" to play enjoyable
games. I must have written very casually if I gave this impression.
In fact, you don't even need rules at all.

But some rules-system (for those of us who didn't switch to complete
"freeforms") can promote, reward and "stimulate" a kind of heroic roleplay.
Pendragon Passions are a good example. The fact of creating a whole clan or
dynasty is another. Some rules can help lazy players and referees, like me.
Some RPGs assume that a PC is not the statistic average NPC.
That's okay with me. That should not be seen as Powergaming
or the childish wish to roleplay only Uebermenschen (or Ueberhsunchen).

> The "average man" can be just as "heroic" as
> Onslaught - if that is the style of the campaign.

It depends of the definition of "heroic". If "heroic" is
"courageous" and "daring", you are right.

If "heroic" means "rare and exceptional", the Average Man
(if such a being exists) can be interesting, challenging,
fascinating but not "heroic". He ceases to be average when he
becomes heroic. But that may be my sophistry.

OTOH, Onslaught is a Humakti Hero but wouldn't be interesting to play IMHO
(almost no WILL left, completely linked to the Death Rune, whereas RPGs are
supposed to be a simulation of free-will - if such a thing means anything).

>Finally, as for heroquesting - I want to warn y'all, heroquesting is not
>Super Runequest or Conan the Barbarian material.


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