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Date: Mon 13 Oct 1997 - 22:38:46 EEST

Jeff Richard:
> ...Second, the heroic flavor of a campaign is not based on the rules
> system or the inflated statistics of PCs. It is determined by the style
> and tempo of the campaign. The "average man" can be just as "heroic" as
> Onslaught - if that is the style of the campaign.

        True, up to a point. Some game systems start you off superior,
though. Then your 'standard' action is to pound a bunch of normal types.
'Heroic' action starts when you've gotten rid of all the Villian's
flunkies, confront him, and find out he's as tough as you are, and the
fight may end in your death instead of his.....

> Finally, as for heroquesting - I want to warn y'all, heroquesting is
> not Super Runequest or Conan the Barbarian material. It is a magical
> "re-enactment of a divine or heroic act. <snip>

        Fine, if you want to re-enact the marraige of Orlanth and Ernalda.
Not to good if you want to re-enact the Baths of Neliot. This is sup-
posed to be so tough that even Heroes don't have a good chance of
succeeding. Just because a god did it, doesn't mean a mortal can....


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