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Date: Tue 14 Oct 1997 - 03:31:54 EEST

> From: Thomas Gottschall <>
> Subject: What I dislike about magic
> It seems to me that spirit magic is not Gloranthan enough and easy to
> abuse. I don't like the mechanic how spirit magic is tought (defeating a
> spirit).
Clearly this is a game mechanic, not necessarily what the characters see.
It does work for Spirit Magic from a shaman (I am assuming that they are
similar to an American Indian getting magic via a Vision quest, here),
but is almost certainly different for cult magics. The point is that
learning the magic requires interaction with the spirits, and a magical
wimp has lots more trouble learning than someone who is so powerful that
he/she/it glows in the dark.

> Perhaps this is not a problem of RQ itself but I would like a
> restriction to what power level someone can get a spell (I don't like
> every Orlanthi running around with Bladesharp 5 and Heal 6).
Then install one, yourself. I would never expect spells that high except
for Humakti (and YT, and Humath) or CA, respectively, without the PCs
having made a Six Stones or equivalent Heroquest. There is the clear
evidence of this in Alebard's little excursion with members of the Temple
of the Wooden Sword, back in the Wyrm's Footnotes days, to try to gain
Healing magic.

> I would
> like an official pricelists for magical items (MP storage and spell
> matrices).
Fine. You can't buy them. You make them yourself, steal them, plunder
them, or are given them, but there is no "market price".

Anyway, the price on those will vary all over the place, depending on
who is at war, and what stage those wars are at. In addition, all
"shopping" is done at the equivalent of an oriental bazzaar, not the
local Sears Roebuck. Stable price lists are an artifact of very modern
civilization, not appropriate for a Bronze Age, Medieval, or even
18th century society.


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