Re: Aberrant Dwarfs

From: Andrew Raphael (
Date: Tue 14 Oct 1997 - 04:25:44 EEST

Jose Ramos <> writes:

>Panu Pasanen proposes cyberdwarfs. That was already discussed in the
>Digest (Erik Sieurin, where are you?), and there was a rift concerning
>the use of machines or sorcerous help to enhance a dwarf's abilities.

My suggestion for anyone who's players want a "cyberdwarf" as a PC, or
any other sort of aberrant dwarf like the one that Sandy described long
ago, is that you let them.

What you don't tell them is that they aren't dwarfs at all, but are
Jolanti constructs that are programmed to think they're dwarfs, sent
out into the world for some dark purpose by the Nidan decamony (or
whatever) known only to the gamemaster.
Do androids dream of electric sheep?

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