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Date: Tue 14 Oct 1997 - 06:44:11 EEST

Thomas Gottschall:
:Is Alan LaVergne your brother ?

No he's not. But I have always been proud to have my family name on
some RQ stuff, even if I know nothing of it's creator :-)

David cake:
:one of the most important features of Glorantha is that there
:are many specialist/unique spells, often available only to a specific
:cult. So, are you suggesting that spells like Peaceful Cut, Find
Oasis, :Stabilise Masonry, or Spawn Manling should be available to all
types of :magic? Or should this list of 'Effects' contain hundreds of
entries :available only to a single form of magic?

Well, I would not want these spells to disappear, it's true they are a
part of Essential Glorantha. But, yes, I would include them in the
effect list, putting the "peaceful cut" with the elf "food song", both
having similar effects. So, under the description of the Waha cult,
you would find something like "Peaceful Cut - Effect: food
sacrifice,POWx5, instant, personal, up to SIZ 25 - Power : Divine
Spirit, 1MP, initate req"

David cake:
Personally I want to see a game that
1) has relatively minimalist basic rules
2) has really good stable base rules
3) has a few really innovative ideas on how to cope with the big issues
like heroquesting, the personality of the character and its role in

the game, magic as a societal thing as well as an individual thing, etc

I agree on 2 and 3 but I have some reserve for 1. I would like to see
a game with minimalist rules but I don't want to lose the possibility
to simulate hit location, knockback, complex background skills, etc.
It is true that the pleasure of RPG is through storytelling but I
would not want as a GM to improvise a rule to simulate something my
players have been used to for years. They sure want a lighter system,
with swift combat rules, but they still want to put a critical blow
through their opponent's head by the pure strength of their dices ...

To all:
Has there ever been a computer game settled in Glorantha ? If someone
know something about one, please tell me.

Luc Lavergne
National Animation and Design Centre
Montreal, Canada
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