Magic tricks, mostali nailz and red paintz, sorcerous HQ's

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Date: Tue 14 Oct 1997 - 09:49:22 EEST

 Robert McArthur replied:

> > blessing, that is not asked routinely but in dire need. Not for
> > a threatening neighbours, but for Crusade and fight against hated foe.
> Hmm, not in my Glorantha. I know GS has said that RQ has more magic in

 Maybe I did exaggerate. They would use those spells, which they know
 are useful, but they would not recast them. And they would not know
 very well all the possible uses of the spell. Still, Glorantha
 can be magic-rich even if it's farmers are not.

 David wrote:

> > Sorcerer heropowers would be knowledge-oriented, IMO.
> are not like this - they want to gain insight *beyond* mortal learning.
> partly because they are so good at learned knowledge already, partly

 Good point. Malkioni culture has constant need for new Messiahs..
 And who ragged old man, in lonely damp tower with undead pets
 and vile-smelling potions would not want to be one?

 I should also note, that it does not classify as Campbellian HQ if
 you only expand your current powers, you have to get some new
 insight, propably with new powers as well.

> heroplane so explicitly (Ie they want to meet the Black Knight, not Humct)
> as a reaction against God Learnerism (this is Nick Brooke's idea, from his
> excellent web site), and and partly because they are not looking to become

 In Creator we trust! This approach makes them less looting-happy than
 they were described in RQCon Compendium: "It's a pagan demon to be
 conquered and it's stuff taken." - about Ernalda. They would justly
 slay the demon, but leave it's impurity alone. God Learners never
 left any loot behind..

> The Illumination allows you to understand that all those dozens of
> spirit magic charms you have learnt are just expressions of universal magic
> principles, that can be expanded on and extended.

 Illumination is so much more! That is lame interpretation of total
 change in personal worldview, IMO.

> And we already have Mindblast. Lunar magic can affect the mind -
> but the true follower of the Red Goddess knows that the Lunar way is about
> comprehending the new mind, not tearing down the old.

 That sounds more like it. But look at the amount of crazed prophets and
 other illuminates who lost their sanity. If it can be used to blast
 barbarians, use it! Mindblast is the Goddess' personal power.

 Illumination comes from everyone's soul, and thus should be usable to
 control all kinds of emotions and insights, when mage is powerful
 enough. I should have said this before, Illumination magic (Lunar magic)
 can do more than to leave drooling Orlanthi standing..

> characteristics, attributes, passions, etc made my brain reel, and my eyes
> glaze over, and looked like the just the sort of game I really don't want

 I have the same feeling. But some of his other ideas, like localized
 spirit magic, were worth using.

 Sandy wrote:

> who we really are, and why our identity matters so much to us. And why
> loss of identity is such a threat, since it's so precarious to begin
> Dwarfs do not have this problem. A dwarf is one thing,

 This makes dwarf individualists much much fragile. If their identity
 is just (re)formed, it does not take a lot to convert one to, say,
 Storm Bull. They would have to seek acceptance from everyone, when
 the Machine thinks they are no-goods.

> Nidan musket-and-pike regiment really does have muskets, but every
> single musket is of a different calibre, manufactured by its bearer to
> his own specifications, with different length barrels, and his or her
> own improvements.

 This, IMHO, encourages the mostali to have as much cyberware as is
 helpful. And so much better, the dull little people have at least
 something fun in them! Also, Uz would hate it, when they got poison
 in their mouths from already peeled mostali! I will have to start
 constructing a few trinkets commonly used by worker dwarfs,
 and everyone modifies 'em according to personal need. Here the WH40k
 concept of Ork mechboyz can be used: "Red is faast. Spikez and nailz
 meik it go faaster. Letz paint it red and put some nails innit."
 Those punk mostali could get individualistic very easily. Does anyone
 else find these mostali a great source of MGF?

 The God of Hellfire. You can call me Passo.


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