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From: rick cronan (
Date: Tue 14 Oct 1997 - 11:07:26 EEST

David Cake on things he'd like to see in a new Gloranthan system:

>Personally I want to see a game that
>1) has relatively minimalist basic rules.
>2) has really good stable base rules.
>3) has a few really innovative ideas on how to cope with the big issues
>4) is a lot of fun

The best (most enjoyable and captivating) Gloranthan game I've played in
was run by a friend (as a regular game over a five year period) using his
own completely home grown system - it had a slightly different history and
geography to traditional Glorantha but was close enough to maintain the
feel of the world.

It was good because he started with runic creation / discovery, and built
everything up from that in logical layers. The gods were very much defined
by their runic associations. Heroes were able to do heroic things (on the
mundane plane) based on their understanding and mastery of runes.
Hero-questing was a logical extension of this with the quest being centered
around gaining new knowledge of a rune (a rune quest in fact!) or around a
strong echo of runic interaction. Magic was more limited than in
traditional Glorantha, but was also based on runic correspondances.

The rules were fairly simple, and once understood could be applied to new
situations easily since the fundamentals were well designed. There were no
scaling problems, and heroes were heroes within the system, rather than
having to have extra rules additions tacked on to explain why Hero X can do
something others can't.

One of the things I most liked about it as a player was that as our
characters came to understand more about the way the world worked, so did
we as players. Since the entirety of creation had been logically and
consistantly built upon the runic base, it was possible to philosophise
about the meaning and use of the runes and extrapolate from what was known.

I guess in summary, I'd like to see a rules system that:

a: is consistant and true to its own internal logic
b: is wide enough in scope to allow complete mundanes, heroes and even gods
to be defined by the same system
c: is simple and fast enough to allow concentration on characterisation

rather than number crunching
d: as David said - is a lot of fun.

rick cronan


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