what Thomas dislikes about magic

From: David Cake (davidc@cyllene.uwa.edu.au)
Date: Wed 15 Oct 1997 - 05:12:38 EEST

>It seems to me that spirit magic is not Gloranthan enough and easy to

        I'll agree that its not all that Gloranthan, though easy to abuse
is a matter of taste.

>I don't like the mechanic how spirit magic is tought (defeating a
>spirit). Perhaps this is not a problem of RQ itself but I would like a
>restriction to what power level someone can get a spell (I don't like
>every Orlanthi running around with Bladesharp 5 and Heal 6).

        I rather like the system in Vikings, where the rules are a sort of
spirit combat, but actually its a mental conversation - the spirit is
teaching you, and you must remain in communion with it to understand. With
this system you can also exercise a fair bit of control as GM, if you want.
Just say either 'oh, the temple has no spirit for Bladesharp 5' or ' the
Bladesharp 5 spirit has a Pow of 22, you can try if you want'.

>I would
>like an official pricelists for magical items (MP storage and spell

        Well, an official suggested price list - magic items are worth what
you get for them, and no one ever has them in stock.

>I would like a mechanic that prevents players from casting
>spells on and on with bound spirits and stored MP.

        Why? If you don't want them to, make up your own mechanic, or
eliminate their bound spirit and steal their magic crystals. Personally, I
don't mind the bound crystals and stored MP idea - it allows really
powerful magicians to exist, while at the same time limiting their
existence in the world quite dramatically and naturally (thus solving any
number of arguments about why the world isn't littered with good

>I don't like that
>people cast a spell anew when they failed first and I want a good
>explanation why this shouldn't be possible.

        If there isn't a good explanation, then perhaps you should
reconsider why you don't want it to be possible? If its just because it
annoys you as GM, then why should the rest of us go for the idea?




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