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From: Paolo Guccione (
Date: Tue 14 Oct 1997 - 23:43:06 EEST

Rick Cronan:
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> I guess in summary, I'd like to see a rules system that:
> a: is consistant and true to its own internal logic
> b: is wide enough in scope to allow complete mundanes, heroes and even gods
> to be defined by the same system

This is one of the crucial points in recreating the true Gloranthan
"flavor". With the introduction of traits and Pendragon variants, it is
now possible to roleplay a Gloranthan character as as full member of his
or her own culture, thus exploiting one of the unique aspects of this
world as a game setting.

But there is another aspect of Glorantha that has always been a major
reason for its success: Heroes and Gods. While characters from other
game worlds usually do not meet their gods (till they die, I mean), the
average Gloranthan PC has had at least a glimpse at his or her deity
during the HHD rituals. More experienced characters, i.e. heroquestors,
have actually met or even challenged some gods. And Glorantha's Heroes
are well-known individuals, and in some respects it is even too easy for
PCs to cross their way.

But, sadly, RQ game mechanics fails when it comes to describing really
powerful individuals. Has anyone got Harrek's stats for RQ? No. And this
is mainly because a RQ-converted Harrek would not be the same as the
infamous 20!! counter in Dragon Pass. We need a new set of rules in
order to see what is beyond the veil of the Hero Plane. If the new game
system does not allow this, then it is basically useless, because
adapting Pendragon or the BRP to Glorantha is enough to allow
roleplaying of everyday Gloranthan life. What we need is not a
replacement for the good ol' d100, what we need is a game that can
describe both the struggle to recover the Munchrooms from the trollkin
rebellion and the final confrontation between Arkat and Nysalor upon the
Tower of Dreams.

Paolo Guccione


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