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<< Date: Mon, 13 Oct 1997 23:46:15 -0400 (EDT)
 From: Chris Bell <>
 Subject: Glorantha fiction and fanzines
 Hello, it's me again...
 I really want to read GRoY, KoS, and Greg's other works. Can anyone
 please tell me of a mail order outlet where I can still order these? How
 about Glorantha fanzines, such as TALES OF THE REACHING MOON? Yes, the
 address to the Reachning Moon Megacorp's distributioon adress in the
 states :) Is the address in the old AH RQ3 supplements such as River of
 Cradles correct?
 Chris Bell >>

GRoY and the Fortunate Succession ($25 each) are still available from
Wizard's Attic (or were when I asked in August):

Wizard's Attic Orders
950 56th St.
Oakland, CA 94608

     They cost $25 each. The Entekosiad may or may not be available; I
haven't checked. KoS is out of print AFAIK. :-(

The US address for TotRM is:

David Gadbois
PO Box 49475
TX 78765

     The subscription rates in the latest issue are only given for the UK,
which is #10 for three issues (about $16 at the current exchange rate). It's
probably about a third more than that in the US.

Yours, Trotsky


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