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From: Shannon Appel (
Date: Wed 15 Oct 1997 - 02:17:14 EEST


Howdy. To address your questions:

>I assume that despite their richly deserved success with the Mythos CCG,
>the reason why their proposing the ISSARIES INC. venture is because they
>don't have adequate capital to successfully produce and sell a new
>Glorantha game. Does anyone have any info on this?

That's fairly correct. The original Mythos Limited was nicely
successful but that was a year and a half ago. I believe Issaries
Inc. was mostly a reaction to the deal with Stratelibre going away.

>As to the rules, does
>anyone have any idea what the original agreement back in the 80's was
>between AH and Chaosium? It burns me up that those *&^%@ actually have
>the rights to a game I love! I keep telling myself that Glorantha is still
>in the hands of Chaosium, but I have many good memories of RQ2. I really
>hope to see a new Glorantha game in the next two years. If Chaosium tries
>to market a new Glorantha game with BRP mechanics, will AH sue? Chaosium
>already has two BRP-based games out on the market, NEPHILIM and ELRIC.

As far as I understand it, AH bought the rights to the trademark
RuneQuest, and also to the use of the BRP system. Nonetheless the plan
is to do a new RPG, not just another Gloranthan BRP RPG.

One of the biggest problems is that RuneQuest doesn't sell at a level
to support a RPG, so to make a new Gloranthan RPG viable, it really
needs to be a *NEW* Gloranthan RPG.

Another problem is that the RuneQuest system is 19 years old. And,
there really, honestly has been innovation in our industry in that
time. Doing a new game will allow us to take advantage of that.

One other thing is that RuneQuest is fairly complex. Just as Chris
mentioned, we want a new game that is elegant and simple, and thus
will hopefully bring in new and younger players.

The new game is still a ways in the future. Issaries Inc. is running
into legalistic snags about how stock can be offered. Once II does get
going the new game is still 18 months in the future. So, what I'm
talking about may be way off our final product, but those are our
current thoughts.



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