Heroquesting Farmers

From: Pam Carlson (carlsonp@wolfenet.com)
Date: Wed 15 Oct 1997 - 07:25:24 EEST

Jeff says:

- - I want to warn y'all, heroquesting is
> > not Super Runequest or Conan the Barbarian material. It is a magical
> > "re-enactment of a divine or heroic act. <snip>
Andrew replies: Fine, if you want to re-enact the marraige of Orlanth and
> Not to good if you want to re-enact the Baths of Neliot.

Depends on what scale. Vargast Varmandson reenacted the baths of Nelat
when he grabbed a flaming coal from a brazier to prove he walked the path
of Orlanth the Warrior. (ie, had passed his rune lord initiation tests).
He didn't do the whole bath quest in the underworld, but then, he isn't
really Orlanth. He did grab a coal without being burned, however, which
was something the rest of he clan could not do.


Well, we got to be heroic in our last session. The whole Malani war host
came to wipe out the Varmandi clan. The Varmandi were outnumbered over
three to one. To make a long story short, we couldn't hold on to Varmand's
Hall. So Varmand asked for volunteers to sing the death song and hold the
Malani while the women & kids fled. Most of the PC's volunteered, to save
their families. So Baranthos King's Kin Slayer, Killer Korol the Poet,
Venharl the Husband of TheyaTwo Mothers, Varmand the Bear, his son Maniski,
and his wife Eonislora are all dead.

But before they made their final charge, they completed the ritual arming
of Orlanth, their wives arming them for death as Vingkot's wife armed him
to face the Chaos Man. Maniski Varmandson turned his back on his kin to
become Humakt the Sword. Eonislora slew eight Hyaloring hostages in full
view of the Malani host, calling down the curses of Maran Gor on her
brother Berenwulf (the king of the Malani), who was soon to be a kinslayer.

As the Varmandi women & children fled the fort, led by Vargast Varmandson,
the Malani raiders rode around to slaughter them. Vargast called Orlanth
himself to send his concealing mists to hide his people from their foes.
They made it to the hills, where their grain, silver, and valued belongings
had been carefully hidden. (Asrelia's "Hide Wealth" does have its uses!)

Now the Varmandi have to live without fields or steads. They have to
appeal to other aspects of Ernalda, finding the rituals to worship the Lady
of the Wild, the King of Oldtop, and Odayla the Hunter. They are even
thinking of kidnapping the goddess of the valley, so the cursed Orleving
(spit) can't ever farm it.

See? There are no heroquests in the lives of everyday Gloranthas. Nope.



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