replying to Passo (Illumnination and Lunar Magic)

From: David Cake (
Date: Thu 16 Oct 1997 - 02:32:24 EEST

replying to Passo
>> The Illumination allows you to understand that all those dozens of
>> spirit magic charms you have learnt are just expressions of universal magic
>> principles, that can be expanded on and extended.
> Illumination is so much more! That is lame interpretation of total
> change in personal worldview, IMO.

        Of course it is, because it wasn't intended to be a total
explanation of Illumination (which I would have thought was clear from
context). I was just explaining why Illumination is necessary for Lunar
Magic, but any Illuminate knows that Illumination is much much more than
that. Illumination is far more important than neat side benefits like this
might suggest.

>But look at the amount of crazed prophets and
> other illuminates who lost their sanity. If it can be used to blast
> barbarians, use it! Mindblast is the Goddess' personal power.

        Bear in mind that virtually all Red Goddess initiates already have
access to MindBlast or similar, as they are Lunar priests. Madness and
mind-destroying magics are the lesser of the goddesses gifts, teachable by
her disciples, and not requiring her full insights. Those few Red Goddess
initiates who arrive at that status NOT via Lunar priesthood are
accomplished magicians deeply involved with their own magical path.
        In other words, why give Red Goddess initiates Mind Blast and
Madness when the vast majority already have access to those powers, and the
few that do not probably have no interest. (Not to mention some access to

these powers is accessible via associated cults anyway). Besides, saying
the deeper secrets of the Red Goddess are about making people crazy
cheapens it - the deeper secrets of the Goddess (the ones only accessible
to the Red Goddess initiates) are about transcending limits.




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