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Date: Thu 16 Oct 1997 - 00:24:27 EEST

Luc Lavergne asked

> Has there ever been a computer game settled in Glorantha ? If someone
> know something about one, please tell me.

At the Victoria convention, Greg was passing around art from an unreleased
computer game.

Chris Bell had lots of questions

> I really want to read GRoY, KoS, and Greg's other works. Can anyone
> please tell me of a mail order outlet where I can still order these?

Wizard's Attic would be your best bet; my web site lists their phone as
800-213-1493 or 510-547-2185.

> How about Glorantha fanzines, such as TALES OF THE REACHING MOON?

I just updated my web site with the new e-mail address, <>.

So Chris, can I take it you don't have web access? My site is even
searchable, so you can find this stuff pretty easily. And Chaosium has
posted some out-of-print stuff on their web site. I suspect you'll find the
web a useful addition to your roleplaying resources.

> I haven't read these works, so this
> is a question that I pose to the Digest - how gameable are the settings?

Again, the answer is on my web site. I ran a nice one-shot based on a
couple pages of Entekosiad (set in pre-Darkness Wendaria). Jeff Richard
runs a campaign mostly based on King of Sartar; my writeups are posted as
Korol's Saga (NB: I need to update them soon).

Not on my site are some other affirmative answers: Martin Laurie's
Tarsh-area game and Pam Carlson's Alkoth game (both based in part on The
Fortunate Succession).

Now, these aren't gaming supplements, so you'll have to do some work. But
the settings certainly are gameable.

> If Chaosium tries to market a new Glorantha game with BRP mechanics

What would be the point? They've already done that. It was called RuneQuest.

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