There ain't no such thing as free illumination

From: Pasanen Panu (
Date: Thu 16 Oct 1997 - 09:29:53 EEST

> context). I was just explaining why Illumination is necessary for Lunar
> Magic, but any Illuminate knows that Illumination is much much more than
> that. Illumination is far more important than neat side benefits like this
> might suggest.

 I like the idea of having lunar magic available to illuminates only.
 But I do not like the rules interpretation of it, for now. Thus, I

 suggest that lunar magic has to do with illumination, like, giving
 some help to accomplish a riddle or a illuminating quest. Or it
 could do other things, that change your worldview. Befuddle-like
 effects should belong to this category: truth about universum
 is a bit confusing!
> In other words, why give Red Goddess initiates Mind Blast and
> Madness when the vast majority already have access to those powers, and the
> few that do not probably have no interest. (Not to mention some access to

 Why give Humakti truesword when they have bladesharp anyway? Because
 Humakt gives that kind of magic!

> the deeper secrets of the Red Goddess are about making people crazy
> cheapens it - the deeper secrets of the Goddess (the ones only accessible
> to the Red Goddess initiates) are about transcending limits.

 I did not say so. I just said that lots and lots of people have gone
 crazy (from the viewpoint of sane, unilluminated masses) from
 illumination. Majority is always sane...

 Illumination is also about accepting your shadow, and mostly that.
 Red Goddess could not have made it to the sky unless she had accepted
 her shadow, chaos. Things like that. Heck, almost any god who has
 accepted his/her shadow, might be secretly illumined. This would,
 in rules talk, only count as one or a few riddles, so it still is

 The God of Hellfire. You can call me Passo.


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