GC IV Conpendium

From: Andrew Joelson (joelsona@cpdmfg.cig.mot.com)
Date: Thu 16 Oct 1997 - 15:19:12 EEST

        Guy Hoyle has asked about the Glorantha Con IV Conpendium;
what's happening?
        In answer to your question, there were a some problems getting
the transcription process running. I originaly wanted to get the book
out by GC V, but that was an unreasonably short response time...
        It does not look lie the Conpendium will be out until after the
New Year, which puts the time involved in the project at about normal
for previous conpendiums.

        Andrew Joelson
        Chairman, GC IV (the job's not finished until the paperwork is done)

PS Just as a check of my records, would all individuals that have pre-
   ordered the GC IV Conpendium send me their Smail addresses? Thanks!


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