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Date: Thu 16 Oct 1997 - 20:03:19 EEST

>From: David Dunham <>
>Subject: re: a few questions
>Luc Lavergne asked
>> Has there ever been a computer game settled in Glorantha ? If someone
>> know something about one, please tell me.
>At the Victoria convention, Greg was passing around art from an unreleased
>computer game.
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The above gets my vote for "tease of the year". Anyone have any MORE info
than this?
IMO, a good (albeit older) port of the BRP/RQ system to a computer game was
Darklands - I actually used it for much source material (on saints, etc) in

my own game set in Medieval Europe.

Bargain bin at many a store. Check it out.
I don't know if they DELIBERATELY hijacked the RQ system, but let's just
say it felt pretty darn familiar to play.
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