What is Gloranthan magic like

From: Thomas Gottschall (Bloodtooth@gmx.net)
Date: Thu 16 Oct 1997 - 19:40:45 EEST

Hi everyone,

Pasanen Panu :

> Still, Glorantha can be magic-rich even if it's farmers are not.

Is this really so ? Are not Barntar & Ernalda two of the most worshipped
gods in Sartar ? I can quite easily see the worshippers having a lot of

nice prayers for their daily work, one good to make the plow go faster
through Ernalda, one to make the bull who pulls it tire less, one to
bless the crops, one to make your scythe sharper, one to make the tools
break less often, etc.
Now why should a part of the populace who is needed in times of peace
and war have less magic than the ordinary warrior ? Would not rather the
opposite be the fact ?

David Cake aswering my complains about spirit magic :

> I rather like the system in Vikings, where the rules are a sort of
> spirit combat, but actually its a mental conversation - the spirit is
> teaching you, and you must remain in communion with it to understand.
> With
> this system you can also exercise a fair bit of control as GM, if you
> want.
> Just say either 'oh, the temple has no spirit for Bladesharp 5' or '
> the
> Bladesharp 5 spirit has a Pow of 22, you can try if you want'.

Thanks. I've never bought 'Vikings' and now I have to go and take a look
at it. Lucky me, I'm going to a DragonPass tournament and the guy who
does it has got Vikings.

> >I would like a mechanic that prevents players from casting
> >spells on and on with bound spirits and stored MP.
> it allows really powerful magicians to exist, while at the same time
> limiting their
> existence in the world quite dramatically and naturally

Really ? Is it quite easy to make them according to the rules you, just
need enough of POW (not a problem for a shaman/priest/sorceror). In my
opinion this does not limit them but the opposite. Perhaps you could
explain it to me ?

> >I don't like that people cast a spell anew when they failed first and
> I want a good
> >explanation why this shouldn't be possible.
> If there isn't a good explanation, then perhaps you should reconsider
> why you don't want it to be possible?

Oh, I see that it is possible. But I also think that if Bloodtooth the
Telmori prays for Telmor to heal his wound and he doesn't get an answer
that this means something for him. He would ask himself why Telmor
didn't grant him this wish and not try it again instantly. Maybe this
contradicts with Greg's view of the spells as skills but I still believe
that Heal is something very different from your Sword attack !

> If its just because it annoys you as GM, then why should the rest of
> us go for the idea?

It doesn't annoy me but it feels like in Glorantha this would not
happen. Sorcerors of course would do it because they see magic

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