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Date: Fri 17 Oct 1997 - 09:00:51 EEST

Shannon Appel noted...

> One other thing is that RuneQuest is fairly complex. Just as Chris
> mentioned, we want a new game that is elegant and simple, and thus
> will hopefully bring in new and younger players.
> The new game is still a ways in the future. Issaries Inc. is running
> into legalistic snags about how stock can be offered. Once II does get
> going the new game is still 18 months in the future. So, what I'm
> talking about may be way off our final product, but those are our
> current thoughts.
> Shannon
      It strikes me that the new game could be titled "Glorantha 2000".

     Well, what I want is something that will handle both the virtually
magic-less sheepherders and the magic-mastering Heroes, and that can handle

both a world where the gods are little more than stories that invoke magic
and where the gods are true and real entities. Something that can handle all
the various Glorantha gaming philosophies, something that can be used by
everybody on the list, and by the neophyte gamers.

      And then I want world peace and universal prosperity. :)

V.S. Greene : : Boston, near Arkham....


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