Re: Lunars and Chaos

From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Fri 17 Oct 1997 - 16:32:30 EEST

Amid the interminable Magic Stats wrangle, one thing caught my eye:

> As any good Lunar will tell you, chaos is not to be feared (even if
> some creatures of chaos are), it is to be used to the greater glory
> of the Red Goddess. Not everyone will develop his or her connexion
> with chaos, but everyone recognises its usefulness and their potential
> to use it.

This is mostly true. Though I'd disagree with "greater glory of the
Red Goddess", unless you go on to state what she's working to *do* --
which is, of course, to recreate the Perfect World for all of us.

Saying that "not everyone will develop his or her connection" is like
saying "not every Sartarite has an iron sword" -- true, but misleading.
And certainly many Lunars would *never* want to use Chaos, any more
than most Hrestoli want to leave their birth-caste of Farmer: it's
scary and dangerous and I'll stick with what I know, thanks.

Lunars do *not* commonly use Chaos powers, and attempt to monitor their
use appropriately -- look at the cultic restrictions re: "Chaos Gift".
Those Lunars who specialise in manipulating Chaos in their magics are
a distinct minority, though I imagine all students in the Lunar College
will have worked with Chaos as part of their academic studies. Only some
will go on to further and deeper studies: they make great villains.

> This is one of the reasons Sartarites hate the Lunars.

More likely the practical reasons ("They killed the King, sacked the
Home of the Bold, and sent the Crimson Bat to eat uncle Eddi") win out
over the dry theory ("Some Lunars think Chaos is not to be feared...").
Use of Chaos on the battlefield is *part* of the reason for Sartarites'
hatred of the Lunars. And, as Jeff Richard will doubtless confirm, they
certainly did get whacked with an ungodly amount of Chaos in the 1602
campaign: almost as if someone was trying to make a point of it.

Passo, in passing:

> Illumination is also about accepting your shadow, and mostly that.

Ironic that Arkat/Gbaji killed Gbaji/Nysalor, then. Probably the
greatest Illuminates before the Third Age...



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