From: Mike Mittmann (mike_mittmann@affymetrix.com)
Date: Fri 17 Oct 1997 - 18:41:02 EEST

Thomas Gottschall <Bloodtooth@gmx.net> said:

>Now why should a part of the populace who is needed in times of peace
>and war have less magic than the ordinary warrior ? Would not rather the
>opposite be the fact ?

Who has more technology in the modern world, farmers or soldiers?

While I prefer a world where every barber knows fleakill, and plowsharp
( and the shearsharp) works for 8 hours, and detect burning
allows one to make sure that lamb stew doesn't burn, and all of the
tribal elders know "avoid smoke", because it feels more full and rich,
I suspect that the kings and emperors ( who are the ones who have the
resources to back a large number of sorcerers, shamans, and
heroquesters to research new spells) are more interested in spells
which insure that the emperor down the block can't march in and take
your favorite cook, concubine or town by force.

So while I agree that it is more fun to have the magic exist, I can't =
it logically. ( So of course in my game it exists.)

- -mike


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