Re: The New Game: what new features?

From: Shannon Appel (
Date: Fri 17 Oct 1997 - 21:01:33 EEST

>I can think of one: designed characters. What others?

Though this doesn't necessarily have anything to do with what WILL be
in the new game, once it finely gets going, a few of the things I
think have been useful advances in the last years of role-playing are:

* Pre-designed characters/templates/archetypes

* Fewer dice types ("Which one of those is the d8?")

* Different methods of gamemastering and playing (by which I mean
  things like the troupe style role-playing method which I first saw
  in Ars Magica -- which break downs into two possibilities, rotating
  gamemasters and rotating player characters).

* Simpler rules

* Rules better attuned to the world (by which I particularly think of
  the relatively cinematic systems of Star Wars and Top Secret/SI. RQ
  has always been fairly good in representing the world of Glorantha
  well, with one exception: it never really adequately covered the
  world of myth that's at the center of Sacred Time and HeroQuests.)

* Different "levels" of roleplaying (by which I mean Pendragon where
  you're role-playing a family long term, or Ars Magica where you're
  role-playing a covenent to a certain extent, or Birthright where
  you're role-playing countries at some points, or even the overblown
  Aria game).

I'm sure there's much more.



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