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Date: Fri 17 Oct 1997 - 20:39:27 EEST

Michael Morrisson:
> A Gloranthan in a spiritual and cultural vacuum does no magic, IMHO.

Is there ever such a thing?

No spirits = no life = no food = dead bloke = spirit = magical being?

I think a newborn babe who is tortured to death would still leave a

>By using different stats, you could make the distinctions between
>the systems even greater. And even more bizarre for a user of one
>system when he or she encounters a user of a different system -- he or
>she wouldn't even have the common stat; the new system would be totally
>alien. And from a game POV, you couldn't train in different systems
>easily because you'd be an absolute beginner in a new system, with your
>stat for that system at or near zero.

This flies in the face of Greg's (or was it Sandy's?) statement that one
cannot have a fetch, a familiar, or an allied spirit in combination as
your "spiritual organ" can only develop in one direction. Of course,
there have been RQ stats published that defy this...

>Using magic is no more detrimental to the person
>or the world than breathing air or eating food.

Sandy wrote:
"How does Magic work in Glorantha? This question contains a number of
false assumptions. First, everything in Glorantha is magic. Birth is
magic - there are gods, spirits, nymphs, and entire cults devoted to
this one act. Death is magic. The fact that you can see things far away
is magic. Your heart steadfastly pumping, pounding, till you die, is
magic. A sorcerer's power to drain another's soul is just another aspect
of Gloranthan reality."

Well worth reading. Email me for a copy if you do not have web access.

>Some creatures
>have no training, and thus do not use magic, others do.

I'd say some magic requires training, some is inherent. Different magics
are inherent to different species, such as Jolanti emotion magic.
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