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Date: Sat 18 Oct 1997 - 14:58:23 EEST

> Date: Sat, 18 Oct 1997 06:38:11 GMT

ilium@juno.com, otherwise known as Stephen Martin, said:

> At one point, Chaosium was considering the idea that most animals had a
> small amount of magic which they could instinctively cast -- a lion might
> know Clawsharp, a rabbit Mobility, a turtle Protection, etc. In a stress
> situation, they would instinctively cast the spell.
> I do like this idea, even though it was never developed very far. It
> allows for some interesting effects -- explains why some big cats are
> really fast (cheetahs), others are very deadly (lions), others have a
> reputation for stealth (tigers). Could explain the old myth of pythons
> charming their prey into not moving. Although not _all_ animals would
> have such magic, I think that some should.


I always liked this idea, too, and have always thought that the
otherwise bland and generic "spell spirits" might instead be various
animal (or other nature) spirits. Kind of makes sense to have

shamans calling on Brother Rabbit to teach someone to run faster,
rather than just capturing a Mobility spell spirit.

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