Sheepherdin' magic

Date: Sat 18 Oct 1997 - 22:18:43 EEST (Stephen Martin) notes....

V.S. Greene
>Well, what I want is something that will handle both the virtually
>magic-less sheepherders and the magic-mastering Heroes

What makes you think herders are "virtually magic-less"? An Orlanthi
herder is just as likely as a warrior to know his full INT in spells --
his spells are just more useful, like Detect Sheep, and Heal Sheep, and
Repair Broken Staff, and run Faster than a Sheep, and Not Get Tired When
Chasing a Sheep, and Become Strong Enough to Pick Up a Struggling Sheep,
etc. Peaceful spells are no less powerful than Warlike spells, they are
just a different type of magic.

     A bad choice of words on my part. I was more referring to different
campaign styles or world visions; some people may want a very low level of
magic where Olaf the sheepherder knows only of magic as something the priest
talks about while others may want everyone to have access to lots and lots of
magic and magic items and so on. Personally, I'd figure that Olaf has those
spells and can have the option for other magics, but I suspect that some folk
want really low magic campaigns.

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