Steve's Foot n Mouth disease

From: danny bourne (
Date: Sun 19 Oct 1997 - 20:52:11 EEST

[the the computer game]

 But the art is cool,
>you must admit -- if we could get someone to do art like that for the
>fanzines, life would be great!

Oh boy Steve, you really know how to make friends, are you saying that
Simon Bray, Ralph Halsley & Dan Barker don't do great art? Surely not, I've
got some on my games room wall.

FYI If you want world known artists then I can get you people like Brian
Snoddy, Lissanne Lake, Jeff Menges, Heather McKinney, Lee Moyer or Doug
Shuler - but it'll cos ya'.

PS I still want the Reaching Moon Needs You original artwork in that DH's
got. Now where did that Thieves in the Attic card go....


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